Welcome to SynchroWA, and thank you for your interest in Synchronised Swimming!

Synchronised Swimming is one of the most enjoyable aquatic activities available. It is an exciting sport that combines swimming, dance and gymnastics all into one! Synchro can be anything participants want it to be, from a purely recreational activity to one of the most challenging Olympic sports.

As long as a person can swim, synchro can be a sport for all ages and everyone can experience its fun, fitness and friendship!

Participant Benefits

Synchro is:

  • Fun, focusing on new and unique ways to move in the water

  • A unique water sport that develops grace, strength, and endurance

  • Fulfilling through mastery over time of increasingly complex skills, positions and movements

  • Motivational and inspires creativity

  • Teaches life skills such as teamwork, time management, commitment, perseverance, respect, co-operation, and the importance of involvement in sport


  • Beneficial for cognitive skills like counting, memorization, rhythm, coordination, and visualization

  • Friendly with a focus on working together and helping others

  • Beneficial to the development of a person’s sense of accomplishment and well-being

  • An activity with significant fitness benefits and the possibility of participation for life!


Synchro WA offers free “Come and Try Synchro” events throughout the year, and works with schools to incorporate synchronised swimming into their physical education programs.

Recreational classes provide the entry pathway into the sport, and participants may enter the competitive stream upon successfully completing Star 3. For more information about programs, click here or contact info@synchrowa.com.



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